Episode 49 – Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse (U)

For our halloween special we decided to go visit Splatterhouse.  During our visit we learn all about the terror mask and the Turbografx-16 system from NEC.  Will Rick save Jennifer from Dr. West and the horrors found in the splatterhouse?

TV and news brings reviews of Ash vs Evil Dead and Crimson Peak as well as we check out trailers for Through the Looking Glass, The Hateful 8, and The Warcraft movie.  Youtube Red starts their new pay service and slave leah is going away.

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Episode 9 – Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker


The king of pop has a new CD, so we play his old arcade and Genesis games.  Are they any good? and is Annie ok??
Hearthstone sexism involving tournament play and the cast from Mortal Kombat have a reunion on this edition of gaming news.  We also discuss what shows we are watching including a new series The Leftovers on HBO.


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