Episode 24 – Donkey Kong


Press Continue Podcast is starting the year out with a bang!  We pick our favorite and worst games we played of 2014 and talk new years resolutions.
Donkey kong arcade and the unique Donkey Kong gameboy are covered as well as a hardware review of the Super Gameboy adapter for SNES.  There is a lot of history behind this game so be ready to learn all about it.
Brittany watches some korean horror movies and gets scared to death while Adam stays with the silly 1000 Ways to Die in the West and Guardians of the Galaxy.
News brings a Pacman restaurant to Illinois and Star Wars to Bluray.

Episode 9 – Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker


The king of pop has a new CD, so we play his old arcade and Genesis games.  Are they any good? and is Annie ok??
Hearthstone sexism involving tournament play and the cast from Mortal Kombat have a reunion on this edition of gaming news.  We also discuss what shows we are watching including a new series The Leftovers on HBO.


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