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Episode 26 – Metal Slug 1, 2, and X


Press Continue Podcast discusses the Neo Geo system from SNK and their hit games Metal Slug 1, 2, and X.  There is a lot to learn about this system and this series that is an iconic game from the 90’s.  Come save the POWs and the world with us!
Some strange movies are found on Netflix this week and the triumphant return of Bebop and Rocksteady to Ninja Turtles top the list of TV news.  Gaming news brings word of some prizes for long time fans of World of Warcraft and arcades may have some new surprises in the near future from Sega.  Mcdonalds does some secret saucing on eBay.  
Its an action packed show with a lo of laughs.  We had a lot of fun with this show!

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