Episode 30 – Bruce Lee



Bruce Lee for the Commodore 64 has been a long requested game for the Press Continue Podcast to review.  Punching, kicking, and jumping our way through the evil wizard’s castle.  Does this game still hold up after all these years?
We discuss some of the new and upcoming movies such as Pixels, Chappy, Frozen 2, and What We Do in the Shadows.  Some news of remakes of old games like Clay Fighter and Sword Coast Legends brings D&D to online play.


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Episode 15 – Soul Calibur


We have our first ever guest on the show to talk about our first impressions of the Sega Dreamcast and Soul Calibur.  We compare old and new versions of the game to see what has changed in the series and what characters we like best and least.
We share our thoughts on the finales of many different shows and what new shows we are looking forward to.  There is a lot of gaming news to catch up on and some new gaming systems on the horizon from Nintendo and Mattel.