e83 – Hang-On/Super Hang-On (SMS,Genesis)

e83 hangon

There’s a ton of Sega history to learn in this episode. Explore the wonder that is the Sega Power Base Converter and Hang-On for the Sega Master System. We compare it to the later release of Super Hang-On for the Sega Genesis. Which one is better, or do they both suck?

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Episode 12 – Nintendo Zapper Games



Duck Hunt, Hogan’s Alley, and Wild Gunman are three of the best known light gun games on the NES.  Almost everyone with a NES has played these games, but not everyone knows the interesting history and origin of these 3 popular titles.  You will after listening to this episode.
Hear some TV news about The Walking Dead and we take a visit to Comic Con with news!