Episode 43 – F-Zero



F-Zero is an amazing SNES drving game that set the new standard for driving games and inspired many other games in the genre.  We bring in our friend Christian who is an expert on this game since it is one of his all time favorites.  Will we like it as much as he does?

We get a fresh outlook on the Harry Potter series from Christian as a  first time viewer of the movies.  A lot of news about 3DS price drops and how to get homebrew on your 3DS.  China is coming out with a new android based video game console.  New info about Kingdom Hearts 3.

Episode 34 – Food Fight / Arcade Auction



Food Fight sparks a bunch of family memories and Ashlee guest stars again on this episode of Press Continue Podcast.  Adam visits an arcade auction and shares his experience and offers tips for any of you that go to an auction.
Kung Fu Master 2 is found, Snoop Dogg has a new album, and Nintendo comes to Universal Studios.  Tune in to see what we think of all this stuff and more!

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