Episode 32 – Arcade Special Part 2


Brittany did some traveling the last few weeks and visited The Galloping Ghost Arcade in Chicago. What games did she play at the biggest arcade in the US? Tune in and find out.
Gamestop ruins retro game collecting, hearthstone is on your cell phone, and  sega is bringing some of your favorite genesis games to 3DS.  We discover a website called alpha beta gamer where we try a bunch of tiny games in development.


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Episode 20 – Intellivision Part 2

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We play Night Stalker and ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS cartridge on the second part of our series of episodes about Intellivision.
More Walking Dead talk and learn about Video Games: The Movie that was just released on Netflix.  A lot of shocking news as we watch the trailer for Hatred, talk about the canceled Star Wars games, and go on a few tangents as we cover many other interesting things.  You never know what we are going to talk about sometimes.
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