Episode 39 – Tapper


Come hang out at the bar and get a beer with us as we play Tapper.  While at the bar, Brittany and Adam will tell you all about their vacations and who got hurt.  This episode is full of drunken historical facts as seen by Adam.  There were two version of the game.  Why are there two?  Listen and find out!
Sex, drug, prison, and zombies are all have something to do with Bill Murray somehow as we go through a ton of shows and movies this week.  News brings talks of the new Transformers Devastation, Shenmue 3, and Windows 10.  Hopefully your computers are still working so you can hear this episode.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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Episode 13 – DLC Quest


Another request by one of our fans!  We play a little game called DLC Quest, an Indie game on PC, Mac, and Xbox.  Laugh with us as the game makes a statement about how DLC is treating us all and learn our feelings toward DLC content.
New movies are on the way!  So we watched a bunch of trailers and let you know which ones we are going to see.  Some new releases of old PC games come to consoles and more on another fun filled episode.

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